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Auteur Sujet: Why do people think tablets are just large smartphones?


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I do not know why people think tablets are "large" smartphones. laptops, laptops, laptops, tablets, laptops, tablets, laptops, tablets, ipad, ipad Laptop replacement "for lots of people and tablets can do more than just" media consumption "they can use them to do lots of content creation / productivity stuff as well. Tablets are nothing like a "large" smartphone for me because tablets (Android / Ipad) are getting more and more "exclusive" features and more powerfull apps that smartphones will not be getting in the future imo. So the line between tablets and smartphones are getting bigger and bigger apart. I was wondering what does everyone think? Do you think tablets are large smartphones or not? and what do you think about tablets in general?

Please help.

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For me, the computer is for gaming, my favorite game is geometry dash 2.0

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