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Exchange server admins often wonder how torecover exchange database file. This used to worry them in the past mainly
because the methods available for exchange server database recovery where
varied and complex. Nowadays however a lot of tools are available that can help
deal with exchange server corruption issues. It is important to choose the
right to so that you don't have to regret later.[url=]

The simple and most effective way to performExchange recovery is to convert EDB to PST. This helps to efficiently retrieve
all the information  from your ExchangeEDB file and convert it to Outlook PST. The PST files can be used for archiving
Exchange mailbox information. They can also be opened in various versions of
Outlook and the content within viewed.
Let's are the things that should be kept inmind while selecting an Exchange Recovery tool:
First and foremost all the information such astasks, journals,zip attachments,Inbox items,calendars etc from corrupt or
inaccessible databases must be recoverable.
It should allow export to single PST ormultiple PST files
Selective export : Must allow migratingexactly what one chooses.
Should support all versions of Exchange Server
Must support Public and Private foldermigration to PST
Must be capable of recovering accidentallydeleted mailboxes
One professional EDB to PST Converter utilitythat fits all these criterias perfectly is the Exchange EDB to PST software
from EdbMails. It is a one stop solution for all your Exchange server recovery
It has the capability to recover informationfrom even the most corrupt of Exchange Server databases using its advanced deep
scanning algorithms. It also supports archive folder migration.
The intuitive user interface that EdbMailssports makes it easy for even non technical users to make use of it get EDB to
PST Conversion done. There is even a free trial version of the EdbMails EDB to
PST Converter tool that helps convert upto 30 items per mailbox/ folder and
test out all the features that EdbMails has to offer.

For more information and downloads please visit:

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