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I currently have a project that has a 1.4MW AC interconnection and need to produce a PVSYST report for system designed to be 1.4mW. My issue is that we need to use utility interactive inverters due to some requirements/setting requested by the utility. Right now we are looking to use either an AE, KACO, Solectria, or Sun Grow inverter; utility scale (central). The issue is that most of the sizes offered by those manufacturers do not match to 1.4mW AC. I did call AE and they said they could program the inverters to have a lower power rating than 500kW. In this case I would ask them to program the inverters with (1) at 400kW and the other (2) left at 500kW. My question is how do I properly adjust the power reduction in PVSYST for any inverter, like the inverter that is going from 500kW to 400kW? Where at in PVSYST do I adjust this and what do I need to be aware of? 

Any help will be apprecited.

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