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Auteur Sujet: windows 7 loading issue on HP 260 G2


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I recently purchased 2 of these machines that come with Freedos with the intention of loading windows7 64bit. This media supports Windows 7 drivers so it should not be an issue. However, when trying to load Windows 7, I ran into the USB 3.0 issue that I have seen on these forums. I dloaded the Intel USB 3.0 creator utility and inserted the USB 3.0 drivers into the Windows 7 installation on a USB drive. I was able to get back to where you left off. However, after the first reboot, where it says, "Windows for the first time. I can not get past this. I have dloaded a Windows 7 64bit with service pack1 ISO and inserted the USB 3.0 drivers and it does the same thing. Now I get a windows that pops up wanting a CD / DVD driver that is missing when I'm not using a DVD drive; I'm using a USB stick. I found another user of this device and found it to be very easy to use. I need help to get Windows 7 on these machines. I tried the cloud recovery client which was a suggestion from a similar issue on the forums, but when I enter the serial number it says invalid serial number.

Please help.

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