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Auteur Sujet: Firefox multiple profiles open at the same time?


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Now that Firefox 57+ appears to be using steroids it is now my go to browser of choice after around 10yrs of using Google Chrome.
But i have a problem which may stop other users changing over in the same house!

We need to be able to have multiple profiles setup and open at the same time on the same desktop and from a quick Google it doesn't look like this is possible?

I want to have different Firefox icons on the same desktop which all start a different profile.

 Please help.


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Hello 'davefollmers',

I didn't quite understand what you want, apparently it's Google accounts? Then you talk about icons it's really fuzzy, if you can explain step by step so that I and the community can understand. We understand English don't worry you. 😉

PS: Your link is dead (Error 404)

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