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Auteur Sujet: Converting spectrogram images to sound


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I used tool when to design some sound effects for games, and it is a very unique tool, giving you abilities that no synthesizer provides. I think it might be a great idea to use the code and make this program a part of Audacity's toolset. Importing image files and synthesizing sound out of them would be a super cool thing. Being able to export the spectrograms out can be great too, because you can convert a sound into an image, then process the image with image-specific tools and then resynthesize the sound back. Have you ever tried pixelating a spectrgram or sharpening it to listen to the results? Using the commandline program is a bit tedious, and also the need to convert all your images prior to the resynthesis is also tiresome. Adding a capability to read major image formats (JPG, PNG) and convert them to grayscale automatically would be great. Also R,G, B and A channels of an image file could be treated as separate audio channels this way - color of the pixels would translate to the stereo image of the sound (pun intended). What do you think?

Any help will be apprecited.

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