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Auteur Sujet: NXT Firmware Update & Arduino IDE Issues (Renamed)


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I haven't been playing with my Mindstorms for a while but since I have to teach a summer class on it, I pulled it out of storage and fired up RobotC. It informed me there is a newer RobotC version v3.61. So I downloaded and installed it on my laptop. So the obvious next step is to flash the brick with corresponding new firmware. For some reason it failed and the brick started clicking. I thought I did something wrong. So I pulled out a second brick and it failed too. Long story short, I managed to brick 3 NXT bricks. I powered them down, pulled the battery etc. But as soon as I reinserted the battery, the brick started clicking and hung. RobotC does not see these bricks at all, saying something about cannot find any brick in boot mode. Does anybody know what has gone wrong and how to unbrick them?

Please help.

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