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Auteur Sujet: Backup Mailboxes from Exchange server


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Intotal control of your Exchange with your local
Exchange Server. Run block level, incremental backup with the
goal that you do not need to stress over erased emails, exchange policy approach
or licensing of users withdrew any longer. Ensure a backup of
your backup with AES 256-bit standard encryption.

Key features of Exchange mail backup  tool: Exchange server mailbox backup with incremental and encryption  - backup jobs and secure your backups with AES 256-bit standard encryption True Incremental, encrypted backup, with no duplicates  - Itperforms incremental backup of your Exchange mailboxes. Give the backup a chance to work in the background. Initial Backup will be always full backup. Incremental Backup will avoid duplicate item creation on consecutive backups. For Incremental Backup, you have a PC backup from a similar PC. Exchange server User mailbox, Public Folders, MailboxBackup Archive  - You can easily backup mailboxes individuall

AES 256-bit Encrypted Backup  - It uses AES256-bit
How to Backup Exchange Mailbox?
Following is the steps that the working mechanismof  Exchange server backup  tool:
Select the Incremental Backup Exchange option in the menu selection.
ExchangeServer Login window will be prompted. Put your credentials and hit
the Login to Exchange button.
Listof Mailboxes will be listed in the next window, if you need to add manually
Click the 'Load Mailboxes from CSV File' button. And hit 'Continue' button.
Inthe Next window, select the mailboxes that you wish to backup 
and then select the backup location then click 'Backup using AES 256-bit
Private Key based Encryption 'button to continue.
Verify the selected mailboxes again and click on 'Backup Live Exchange using AES
256-bit' button



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